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A Mixellany

Some pix I liked did not make it thematically into previous story posts. So here they are, with a comment or two.

Seen from a clifftop as it chugged (inaudibly) about its business

in the North Sea (or the German Ocean, as it used to be called).


St Margaret's Hope Community Garden looking summery


Little Athina enjoying summer and

discovering you can roll down a cliff of deep, soft grass


A late entry to the Bob Graef challenge


Three Snaps from Yesnaby

Another pathway to heaven along the clifftop walk

Why does one undertake a clifftop walk?

— To look over the edge and be frightened

And Yesnaby Castle, of course!


A Summer Sunset in the Hope

The light of the setting sun was glorious last night

I caught this tourist unawares as he enjoyed it

then snapped a couple of gables in the

wonderful, clear light

A neighbour's house

Our house

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