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A non-photography post (!)* about my worries

*I can't take photos of what I'm on about. It would be good to think of a way. I've inserted one attempt.

I am in no doubt whatsoever that totalitarianism is creeping up on us by stealth, just as it did in Russia, then Germany and Italy in the last century. Those countries by propaganda and terror in varying degrees created compliant populations.

And what word does one hear with ever increasing frequenty these days? I don't think a day passes withthout hearing the word 'compliance'. What is to be made of that?

The best compliance, of course, is blind compliance. I should have had my camera yesterday to take a shot of the tourist lady walking down the sunlit promenade in front of our house while a vigourous Orkney breeze blew. WEARING A MASK! What a good, more than compliant lady! Going one step further than the ridiculous rule that one must wear a mask in shops, Compliance=good; super-compliance=I'm saintly (and you're all pieces of shit).

I went shopping yesterday. Tesco has a sign "No mask - No entry". I comply. Like this:

That passes. I never get a comment. Idiot rules, idiot compliance; but that's fine. The new order wants idiots, so all is well. (And my beard won't get Covid.). I am, however, ashamed of the fact that I comply with even this piss-take. The holes in the cloth of my mask are visible to the naked eye, so are therefore greater than 10 microns (and more like a thousand. Assume a hole size of 100 microns: the Covid virus is 0.125 microns and so can charge through 800 abreast.

There are still a good number of people who think. The mainstream media will have told you this guy is a dangerous nazzie. Talking sense is, of course, dangerous.

And here is a little discourse I enjoyed watching. Hearing good sense is such a relief.

But what can I do? Well, this for a start but it ain't much.

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