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Car Number Plates

When we came back to Orkney some years ago, we decided it would feel nice to have the most proper kind of Orkney number plate, ie from the BS series, which were the first number plates to be allocated in Orkney – from December 1903 to December 1964. Proper old families pass these numbers down from generation to generation. However, since we didn't have the privilege of inheriting a number, we had, through gritted teeth as this involved a four-figure sum, to buy one from one of the agencies that re-sell so-called 'cherished numbers'.

Our Peugeot now sports this nice plate (all the nicer because we have noticed the number is prime)

We were curious as to whom it might have belonged in previous days and asked around. Someone kindly sent me this photo of a car that previously bore it. However, he did not know either where it was taken (besides, of course, the fact that it is somewhere in Orkney) or who previously owned it.

An unfinished story, therefore. (Is the car an Austin A30?)

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Why does the Austin have number plate above windscreen ?

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