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Christ is Risen

Happy Easter everyone. I like to remember that Jehovah's Witnesses think this is the only proper Christian holiday to celebrate – because it can be traced to the Bible, unlike our other 'Christian' feasts, which are all reconfigured pagan ones.

Anyway, we have been granted a balmy day in Orkney, so it was out for a morning walk with camera. And it was lovely.

By the way, it will probably be better to view some of these photos on a proper computer as today I have 3 large panoramas that will look minuscule on an iPhone or iPad.

Anyway, I drove a couple of miles from the house, down our narrow roads that are still lined here and there with cheery daffodils.

As usual, bette quality pics on Prodigy – here.

And reached this excellent landscape (or seascape?). In fact, since that water is Scapa Flow, why not call it a 'scapascape'?

Intrigued by the little ruined cottage towards the right of the picture, I walked down to inspect it.

Having safely avoided castrating myself on the barbed wire fence enclosing the field it was in, it was great to walk around it with the sun on my back.

I had just stepped inside the roofless structure when I heard a gentle rumble. It was the Pentland Ferry arriving from Scotland. I grabbed a quick snap through the picture window.

One last look at the cottage before heading back to the car. If asked to guess, I would say its owners probably now live in that newer building a field away, having decided they wanted more space and and even better view of the Flow.

I made a couple of photo-stops on the way home. The first was for this panorama, from slightly higher up the hill:

Next was for this old barn (? chapel converted into barn) as I loved the sharp line it drew against the sky...

and topped things off with some more daffodils, here

That's all, folks!

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