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Early morning Kirkwall

I had to take the car to Kirkwall last Friday in order to have some Orkney-proofing carried out: fit mudflats and put copper-grease on the brakes to protect them for our salty air – and sometimes water, because it did indeed get a small salt-water car wash as a wave sent and small mountain of spray over it as I drove over No.2 Barrier.

This little trip resulted in me finding myself with some early-monring time to kill in Kirkwall as it was simpler to wait there for it to be ready and then drive back rather than take a bus home and then another bus to collect it.

It was just getting light and the day was grey and promising rain. I had my camera and went for a little walk. St Magnus Cathedral (building begun in 1137) was looking rather fine in the gloaming. Details here. Here is the main entrance.

Full size, full resolution picture here

There was practically no-one about so I was able walk around the building in peace and quiet and admire it from all angles.

Full size, full resolution image here

It was my good luck that the cathedral's night-time illumination was still on and it was looking particularly good against the grey sky

Full size, full resolution image here

To see the rear and sides, I walked into the romantic graveyard the surrounds the cathedral and love this side door of red and white Orkney sandstone

Full size, full resolution image here

as I continued my walk around the place. I thought the cathedral looked particularly wonderful from this angle

Full size, full resolution image here

and then walked down a little to get a shot of its fourth side

Full size, full resolution image here

After that, I had to walk all the way back round because the main gates had been chained closed by the guardians of coviciousness. Actually, it was good luck too because I noticed this nice view of the Earl's Palace ruins which stand across the road from the cathedral

Full size, full resolution image here

At this point, it started to rain and I decided to call it a day for photography and escaped to a nice little café where I had coffee and scrambled eggs on toast as a treat while I waited.

At last, it was time to collect my car and – of course – the sun came out. Orkney was back in its brilliant mode for a few more hours. I had to stop on the way home to take this little picture of Echnaloch Bay.

Full size, full resolution image here

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