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Lazy bugger didn't post

We have been enjoying the transition from winter to spring and I quite forgot to write about it. The days are getting brighter and so much longer. I just looked it up the other day and it turns out that we have in fact just started our 'simmer dim' (white nights or белые ночи, in Russian): we ceased having night as such on 25 April and now only get no darker than astronomical twilight. And the dim will get brighter still on 16 May when we will not even get astronomical twilight any more and the light will be no darker than nautical twilight. By midsummer, on 19,20,21, and 22 June we will have 18½ hours of daylight with the day lasting from 03:58 to 22:28 with the with the rest being filled by a couple of hours of civil twilight (bright twilight) and a couple of hours of nautical twilight (slightly darker twilight). No more real night for us until 23 August! Why is why I sleep with eyeshades at the moment!

The light is wonderful during this early spring weather and the weather very changeable. Hail rattled on the window for a brief minute as I was having my morning coffee and suddenly the view through the window looked magic (at least to me). What do you think? Here are two shots, one taken looking at the shady side, and one at the sunny side.


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