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Little Sunday Walk

I've been lazy about going for walks recently, and lazy, too, about taking photos. So I combined the two yesterday and had a short wander around our village in bright wintery light.


Orkney does do a few trees; the place is not quite treeless. This one looked marvellous against the bright sky.


Here I was trying for the 'arty-farty' look


This is one of the houses on Back Road. I think it's rather sweet. It is currently being done up (very slowly).


Boats taking a rest in fields always amuse me. These are a good long way UPHILL from the sea!


These are the old sheds behind the Creel. They conceal some wonders: amongst other things, a couple of old motor cars from the ?1940s and some antique motorcycles. There's an Orkney life in there; the owner lives in Edinburgh and comes once a year to check his sheds.


There's a fine view of the bay from the top of the Hope. The light was right for a shot.


The next 2 shots were taken in the South Parish, ie at the southern end of our island, a week or so ago. They weren't part of this walk, but I quite like them.

I think this house is amazingly situated. The land across the water is Scotland. Basically, one is looking across the water to John o' Groats


These photos can be viewed in better quality here:

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