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Memorial Sunday

There was a little ceremony at our War Memorial today. Thanks to covicious patheticness, no children were allowed. Oh yes, let children NOT learn about, and take part in, old traditions! Oh yes, let's really get started on a brave new world of ubiquitous stupidity and forgetfulness.

The weather was overcast and the breeze warm(ish). I took a series of photos.

The monument as we arrived, bare of wreaths

A short ceremony of remembrance

The participants

Once the wreaths were laid, they had to be made Orkney-proof – that is, they had to be firmly fixed by screws to the backboards lest they blow away. They even tried to do so as they were worked on.

Our War Memorial refreshed for the year

And the names remembered

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Actually I feel moved by this depiction of the ceremony, especially the standing group of participants, would like to know who is the speechmaker and if he did a better job than the woman on a previous occasion. Stephan.


Yes, there is strong family resemblance but W is better looking, he has a much better straight nose, and his mouth, though of similar dimension, has a better shape. Stephan.

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