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Salt and lemon

I gave just been to Windwick both to check up on the seals and, as the main aim of today, to see what could be done about smartening up the plaque in memory of the 188 men of HMSs Opal and Narborough.

So far, we had not been able to do anything that pleased us with the plaque and this time wanted to try an old-fashioned way (as used by Fifine on the Moroccan copper table in the sitting room back when I was a child.)

It worked like a treat. I will, however, be going back again once I have bought some Brasso and perhaps some linseed oil for greater gloss. Or does someone have a better idea?

Anyway, here is the monument as I left it today. We had some relatively high winds yesterday, so although the breeze was now light, the sea was still a little rough — lovely!

The process was easy as pie. Cut a lemon in half, pour a pile of cooking salt onto the plaque, then scrub. No real effort in in minutes if not seconds:

Ten more minutes, more salt and the other half of the single lemon:


Of course there were lots of seals. Even more than before.


Historical footnote:

Here is how it looked back in 2018, shortly after the ceremony for the 100th anniversary of the disaster. (Note that no-one saw to the plaque!)

The sea was truly rough that day, too

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1 Kommentar

16. Nov. 2022

Good work, David. Mo uses that method, too. It's good for cleaning the pans after cooking.

Gefällt mir
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