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The trouble with Orkney... that nearly every snap turns into a bloody tourist-office picture postcard!

Yesterday I drove 3 or 4 miles to the neighbouring island of Burray for a walk along one of its side-roads from where the are good views across Scapa Flow and even back towards St Margaret's Hope. (See map at end of post.)

The day was cold but very, very bright, with pretty clouds in the sky, but also wonderfully clear — a very Orkney combination. The sun blinded and cooked me while my fingers froze at the same time!

Here is 'the Hope' nestling in the distance at the head of St Margaret's Bay.

One reason I chose this road is that I remembered from a previous spring that it has a lot of daffodils growing along it. And having had it pointed out to me by Paul (Morris) that my photos frequently lacked foreground interest, I thought I might use them to make good on this photo expedition. Like this:

This is the road to Kirkwall as it passes Echnaloch Bay (on left) and Echnaloch itself on the right. The 'dam' is natural and not one of the Churchill Barriers.

I walked along the road, taking photos across Scapa Flow as I went

Note the foreground interest, please Paul:

The oil rig isn't pumping oil. The rigs are brought into the Flow and parked for repairs and maintenance.

Hunda (midfield) is an uninhabited and privately owned island. It belongs to the farm on the shoreline, half-hidden by the left-hand clump of pampas grass .

Walking back, now with the sun on my back, the light was searingly bright. I liked this combination of rural and industrial.

And here's my map of the walk:

PS. If you want to see the photos in better quality, I have also uploaded them to Prodibi, where they are subject to less compression and so display better.

See the same pics but better here.

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Lisa Silva
Lisa Silva
Apr 05, 2022

Absolutely gorgeous, as usual David!!! Can't help thinking how Kenneth would enjoyed them.

I can't believe those daffodils are real! Thank you for sharing, and transporting me to another beautiful part of the world for a few minutes...

Lisa Silva
Lisa Silva
Apr 07, 2022
Replying to

It's quite incredible that Kenneth never went to Orkney, but I suspect he knew quite a bit about it, (like so much else - being so well-read, and perhaps what he learned from his father). As to your photos, please continue to crudely show them off😂!!! By the way, Duarte is now representing a winery called Ravasqueira, (mostly for the American market),. They have some good wines. When he gets back I'll ask him to recommend some labels (they have many, from all parts of Portugal).

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