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End of an Era

This year's Kirkwall Grammar School leavers were, in accordance with local tradition, piped out of school for a march to St Magnus Cathedral, in the town centre, for group photographs.

It's a fun occasion. People come out of their houses or look out off their windows to clap as the procession passes by while proud parents pose their progeny.

And of course I was there with my camera, and William came to for support.

I took some photos of the school as we waited.

While waiting, we chatted with other waiting parents and some stray pupils, including this neighbour friend, who agreed to me taking a portrait

At last the procession emerged, pipers in the lead...

to begin the triumphant walk to the cathedral... W caught sight of Arthur...

...and followed along the route to the cathedral

while younger pupils clapped them on their way

Past a little park in the centre called The Willows (not that I can see a single one, although it has a magnificent rookery)

then down the side streets

on to Albert Street in the centre

and up to the front of the Cathedral... gather for photos

I thought it looked good in black and white as well

The parents crowded

Photos by house followed

and by buddy groups

...and then it was all over.

The pupils traipsed back to school to finish their last day before exams and William and I walked back up the hill to return to the car, passing this rather fine sakura flowering in someone's front garden.

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Is it Arthur top left of buddie group?

Replying to

Yes, that’s him.

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