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Hibernation over?

Spring has come and going outside has become fun again. (Not that it is exciting and fun in winter, but my fingers freeze, so I don't take the camera.)

An e

arly spring day in the Community Garden

Razor sharp morning light

Roadside daffodils everywhere and a leap into the unknown

Lambing time

And spring floods. Needed gumboots to get to the car.

This car looked loooked like it was about to go for a swim after I moved our car and it was left all on its own. Note how much more water surrounds it just a few minutes later. It's only a few inches deep, however.

It was over ankle-deep at the lower end of Back Road

This pic makes the houses on the pierfront lok FAR more drowned than they actually were

A windy day today. The sea grass looked wonderful in the searing sunlinght

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1 Comment

Apr 12

Nice faux toes as usual. Good to see HupView back in business.

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