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From autumn to winter... the blink of an eye!

Autumn Walk

Light wind and blue skies. Green fields. Bliss.

Did I say green fields?

Now for the Leica shot! The barn is loaded with hay for the winter



...arrived a few days later.

No walking on the pier at Burwick to talk to the seals (although I glimpsed one)

One of my favourite romantic and lonely Orkney houses looked lonelier and lovelier than usual. Note the wind whipping the spray backwards off the waves as they break (bottom right)

And no taking a little walk on the beach at Windwick. The gale was stiff, but surprisingly warm.

The sea had been whipped into a serious froth. Here, to compare, is Windwick when it's calm:

We took a roundabout way home in order to pop by St Peter's Kirk. The sea raged just beyond the cemetery, where all was calm.

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