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Spring for real

Or at least it feels like it. This morning the temperature has reached a near summer level of +9ºC (49ºF) with the lightest of breezes. That may sound cold, but, when the air is crystal clear and the wind is low (both being the case today), it feels truly hot – SO LONG AS one is in the sun! In the shade, the temperature is a true nine degrees.

So I took the camera for a little walk, wearing the same clothes as in the house, and was soon feeling sweaty as I walked about taking in the light. So here are some pictures of that special Orkney light.

The trees are just beginning to bud, but for now are still razor-sharp zigs and zags against the blue of the sky.

The old harbour-master's house and its WWII appendage

West End House, one of my favorite buildings in the Hope.

More twigs on sky

The propellor by the bus-stopping place on Cromarty Square

Smiddybanks – one of the loveliest houses in the Hope

The steps up to it from the port road (not the main way to access it!)

So nothing special, just St Margaret's Hope on a particularly fine day.

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One hell of a bird's nest around far right hand chimney of Smiddfybanks.


Apr 29

Glad to see that you're out stalking the wild light again, capturing some razor sharp images in that razor sharp light. Keep up the good work.

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