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Little spring inspection

or is it early summer? The air was soft yesterday and I went for a little walk with camera around the village.

First things first, I had to swat away this green-winged Orkney vampire bat, which swooped straight at me and my camera, jaws open for a bite

before walking off towards the pier.

It was low tide and I stepped onto onto the beach to take what I think is a nice shot of our waterfront, with home dead-centre, of course. This will look better if viewed on Prodibi and a full-sized screen, link here.

The familiar houses all looked rather beautiful and I was careful to remember Paul's instructions to have some foreground interest

This house, called The Bothy, stands —I don't know why— empty and slowly decaying along the road to the port. I don't even understand why it's called a bothy. See meaning here (Eng.) and here (US). In either case, it seem a bit large to me.

I imagine it would cost a fortune to restore it now.

I love the little staircase that runs up the side of it.

The steps lead to one of the most beautiful houses in the Hope — Smiddybanks:

where there is an entrance into the top floor of the Bothy.

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