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Rubbish pictures

But my hope is that they are nice pictures of rubbish – this time, the kind of rubbish one comes across in the back lot of our little port in the village.

The above is not in fact rubbish, although it is piled-up stuff. What you see here is a stack of brand new lobster pots, called creels here (and in Scotland?), waiting to be put to use to bring the world our wonderful lobsters and crabs.

They looked rather nice stacked up on the pier:

Now, however, for some REAL rubbish! How about a night in this caravan?

It could clearly do with a lick of paint. How about using something from here?

A chain from here to tow it to the painting shop?

Some useful bits and pieces:

Here I have played around with some effects from the NIK collection, a suite I have always found very useful. I have softened the focus around the edges and used a set of settings called 'Glamor Glow' originally intended to give faces a sort of magical, silky fashion-magazine, shine. Arthur disapproves. You can compare with the original here. I claim it's occasionally justifiable – in moderation.

(The second picture below has also been subject to much the same treatment)

And what port does not have some abandoned vessels, left to rot away quietly after their useful life is over?

Another had a lovely old anchor:


PS: Part 2 of Bob Graef's pictures coming soon.

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Original picture of bits and pieces of rubbish far better than the one with silky glamour effect. Stephan.


Taking Arthur’s side against me! Grrrrr! (But you don’t say anything about the blue boat (last picture).

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